We are excited to announce our plans to restart in-person gatherings at State Street Community Church on Sunday, July 12, 2020. We take the health and well-being of our congregation, staff, and community very seriously. We have worked through the recommendations of the CDC and Indiana's Back on Track plan in designing this plan. We also found helpful in clarifying policies. 

It's important to note that we will continue to follow the CDC's recommendations and the Indiana State Department of Health going forward. If they institute new guidelines or ask that churches go back to online services, we will comply. However, we are ecstatic to work toward returning to normalcy in the future. 

State Street Community Church has adopted a three-phase plan.

  • PHASE ONE: Return to in-person family gatherings without children's ministry and at reduced capacity in the sanctuary. 
  • PHASE TWO: Add children's ministry at one of the morning services. 
  • PHASE THREE: Have children's ministry at both services and return the sanctuary to its normal capacity. 

Going forward, we ask that our community remain patient, peaceful, and hopeful about a better future.

As we gather on Sunday mornings beginning Sunday, July 12th, please note the following PHASE ONE guidelines:


+ Although you may feel comfortable with hugs or handshakes, others may not, so consider giving a friendly wave instead.

+ Hand sanitizing stations will be available in the foyer. There will also be hand sanitizer in each of the rows in the sanctuary.

+ The State Street Coffee Shop will be closed for now. Bottles of water and other drinks will be available in the foyer.

+ The backyard will be set up for gathering between the services. Feel free to hang out there or other places outside to chat with your friends.

+ There will be a PPE table in the foyer with extra hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks.

+ We have put together a team of volunteers called the Church Reopening Team (CRT) to clean the facility between services. To give the CRT enough time to accomplish this task, service times are now at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM.


+ Our sanctuary will be set up for social distancing. Please remain six feet apart when you are in conversations.

+ The Eucharist will be prepacked and handed out as you enter the church.

+ Our bulletin will be exclusively in the State Street Mobile App.

+ A live stream of the service will be in the adult classroom for extra space. We will also be streaming the service in the coffee shop.

+ Because our dismissal creates a bottleneck coming out of the sanctuary, we will dismiss by rows.


+ Children's Ministry will not be available when we restart in-person gatherings. All services will be family services for the time being.

+ Bags for kids with crayons and paper will be available at the PPE table.

+ The Nursing Mother's Room will be available to mothers that need to nurse during services.

Frequently Asked Questions