We believe that education and early character formation are vital for children’s health and development at State Street Preschool. Our mission is to adequately prepare children for academic success while introducing them to Christian virtue. Each month, the children learn about a different Christian virtue (love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control. We work hard to create encouraging and stimulating environments that allow children to flourish using their imagination, creativity, and unique personality.

Preschool: $105/month*
Tuesday & Thursday from 9-11:30 am
A child should be three years old by August 1st

Pre-Kindergarten: $135/month*
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 9-12 pm

*There is a $55 annual registration fee.

If you would like more information about State Street Preschool or would like to set up a tour of our brand new facility, email Kathy Claeys.

Once your enrollment form is filled out and returned (you can drop it off at State Street, send it in the mail, or email it) and the registration fee is paid, your child will be registered.

  • When unprepared children begin school behind, they tend to fall further and further behind.
  • Far too many children enter school not prepared.
  • Children who are at risk of not doing well in school gain significant benefits from quality childcare.
  • All children need to enter school ready and able to succeed.
  • Improves school performance
  • Raises math and language abilities
  • Sharpens thinking/attention skills
  • Reduces special education placement
  • Lowers school drop out rates
Socially and emotionally:
  • Improves and strengthen interactions with peers
  • Decreases problem behaviors
  • Encourages more exploratory behavior
  • Helps adjustment to the demands of formal schooling
Long-term positive results and cost savings of Early Childhood Education:
  • Increases lifelong earning potential
  • Achieves better academic outcomes
  • Lowers rates of teen pregnancy and incarceration
  • Improves recruitment and retention of parents who work