Better Together


Hostility vs. Hospitality
Preaching: Nate Loucks

In a fearful world, life is about risk management. Risk management forces us to distance ourselves from others whom we have considered to be dangerous and suspicious. Risk management destroys communities. Christians don’t settle on fear, we engage fear with faith.


Honor Everyone
Preaching: Nate Loucks

How did a marginalized group of Christians situate themselves into the world? Honor everyone. Honor is to see every person as one created in the image of God (imago Dei) and with God-given potential. For Peter, our commitment to the ways of Jesus will propel us toward the other.


Preaching: Nate Loucks

Humans are naturally tribal. Our subconscious is bombarded with cues that identify who is “us” and “them.” And, our mind often decides who is ‘us’ by who we feel safest and comfortable around. Christianity is more a faith of challenge and controversy than convenience and comfort. Christianity does not erase our tribalism. But it should transform it.


The Very Good Gospel
Preaching: Nate Loucks

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Kinship & Kingdom
Preaching: Becky Crain

All humanity is created in the image of God. So, who is the good news for? We too often confused our opinions of God with the character of God. Your viewpoint is NOT God. If it’s not good news for our neighbors, then it’s not good news. And, as we move toward others, we move toward God.

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